What guaranties that my calls are secured in CryptTalk?

There are several reasons why you can trust the service:

  • Conversations do not pass through any central servers (the CryptTalk provider's servers) but are transmitted peer-to-peer. It is easy for any IT professional to check the conversation process.
  • We only use audited and widely accepted technologies.
  • Our service is distributed only in a closed user group, and is not available publicly.
  • Arenim Technologies AB. is an independent vendor who delivers services to enterprises and private persons only.
  • NCC Group, one of the best known independent IT-security companies, made a targeted security assessment in order to explore whether CryptTalk securely encrypts calls made through the service, or whether it contains any other vulnerabilities. NCC Group found CryptTalk to be secure, free of errors and outstanding from a professional point of view.
  • In the case of customer demand, our technology and service may be audited by 3rd parties.

Neither Arenim Technologies AB. nor its affiliates nor the CryptTalk service nor solutions are bound to any government - the company, the solution and the service are independent from any political influence and are not bound to any contract which may harm our independence or the reliability of the service.

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