Does CryptTalk have access to the contact list of my phone?

No, not at all. Unlike other phone applications (like Viber or Signal from Whispersystems), CryptTalk doesn't import or upload any data from your phone's phonebook or contact list.


Other applications force users to give up personal information in order to use the service. They require user provide their phone number to register. This should be optional and users who do not wish to disclose their identity by providing their phone number should be allowed to simply pick a username and password (similar to surespot messenger and others). Access to user's entire contacts data should also be optional. Users should be allowed to manually add contacts within the app by phone number or username. Any user that respects their own privacy and the privacy of the people in their contacts book does not wish to share this personal information with any third parties including the company behind this app. I understand the company's choice to ask for phone number and contacts access so that usage of the app spreads quickly but this should not be required without any other options for the truly privacy conscious users out there. The company needs the privacy conscious community to adopt it first and then we can get our friends on board. No major number of people are going to switch to this app from the likes of Facebook messenger and Whatsapp without the help of the privacy conscious users out there. Adapt to their needs first and then add the features the Whatsapp crowd expects and you'll have a winner.

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