How do I make a call?

The easiest way to make a call is to tap the name of the contact you wish to dial on the contact list.

Call establishment happens in two steps:


In the first step, similarly to conventional telephone systems, the application reaches the other party, where the call has to be accepted.  
If the remote party accepts the incoming call, the second phase begins: in 3-15 seconds, an encrypted channel is established between the parties and the conversation can begin.  


 More ways to make a call:

  • Tapping a contact’s name in the contact list
  • Tapping the “Call” button on the bottom of the “Contact details” page
  • From the call history list by tapping the contact’s name
  • Tapping the “Call” button on the bottom of the call history entry details page
  • Tapping the “Call” button on the conversation page from IM


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