How do messages work?

As well calls, CryptTalk includes an encrypted messaging service.

There are two main ways of sending someone a message: the "Message" button at the bottom of their contact page, or the new message button in the top right corner of the messages tab (reached from the main menu bar at the bottom).

Messages are sorted into conversations by person. All of your conversations will be visible on the main screen of the messages tab, and conversations with messages you have not yet seen will have blue dots next to them.

Your messages are grey while they are still sending, green when they have been read, and red when they have failed to send. You can try to re-send a failed message by pressing the red X next to it, but this will not work if you're not connected to the internet.

You can hide a message that's been sent by tapping and holding on it and then pressing "Delete", but this won't remove it.

If you enable offline messaging, messages that you send to a contact while their device is turned off, not connected to the internet, or not running the CryptTalk app will be stored in our secure server until they can be sent.

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