How do I edit or delete a user?


In the Actions menu next to a user's name in the users menu, six options are available:

  • View and edit a user's details
  • Delete the user
  • Reset the user's account
  • Send or resend and activation email to the user
  • View the user's additional details
  • View a user's contact list

Clicking on the Edit button will bring up this screen, where all of the user's details can be viewed or edited. Mandatory fields are marked with a *. 

A user's account can be reset in case they forget their passcode. After being reset, their call and message history will be erased. A new activation email can be sent in a language specified by the administrator that allows the user to set up their account again.


Clicking the button will bring up an extended view of the user's details. Here an administrator can see (but not edit) personal data, organisation data, subscription data, platform data, and their app state.


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