How do I set up search permissions?

Search permissions govern which users are able to search for which other users within their app. They are managed using a search permission matrix.

The first step is to select the type of matrix. The type determines what (organisations, groups, or users) will be on the x and y axes.
Next, the source and target need to be selected.

Finally, the matrix can be edited. The x and the y axes have organisations / groups / users on them, and the squares where they intersect show what the search permissions between them are.

  • Blue arrows show a one-way connection. In the example, Test User 55 can search for Jane Doe, but not the other way around.
  • Green arrows show bidirectional search permission. In the example, Justin Cleaver and Test User 666 are both able to search for each other.
  • Grey squares show relationships that cannot be set.
  • Red triangles show that the setting in that particular square has not yet been saved.

If the "Make all possible connections" option is chosen, every square in the matrix will be set to bidirectional permissions.

The "Show only bidirectional permissions" option hides one-way connections when selected.

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