How do I log in to CryptTalk for the first time?

After you register your account, you will get an email from our Customer Support with a User ID and an activation code. The User ID is a 10-digit number, and the activation code is 16 digits with mixed letters and numbers.

When you open CryptTalk for the first time, the app will first ask you for permission to send you notification. These are required if you want to receive calls when you are not using the app, so we recommend you allow it.

Next, you will be asked for permission to use the microphone. Again, we recommend you allow this because it is required for voice calls.

To set up CryptTalk, you will have to enter your email address, your User ID, and your authentication code. Your email address should be the same one that you used to create the account. Finally, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit numerical passcode. We recommend you make this as secure as possible, because it will be your main way of signing into CryptTalk in the future. For this reason, the app will not allow you to use a passcode that is too easy to guess (such as 123456).

Please not that for safety reasons, the authentication code is only valid for 7 days after it is issued.

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