How do I create a new user?

New users can be created using the  plus button in the Users menu.

First, the user must be assigned an organisation, and a time for their license. Users will not be able to use CryptTalk outside the time of their license. Users can also be added to groups at this stage.

The next stage is to assign the user's personal data. They must be given first and last names, and email address (that does not already have a user associated with it) and an alias name. They can also be given a title, but this is optional.

The final stage is to give them some optional data such as a note and phone number.

Before creating the account, there will be a preview to check that no mistakes have been made, and then two options for creating the account. Clicking "Create and notify" will send an activation email to the user immediately, whereas clicking "Create" will create the account, but not send the email straight away; the activation email can be sent at a later date using the mail icon next to the user's name in the user management screen.

If you choose to send the activation email, the language and any recipients to Bcc it to can also be specified.

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