How do I manage contacts?

The contact matrix allows administrators to determine which users appear in which other users' contact lists. As with search permissions, this is done using a matrix.

First, the source and target must be selected.

Now the contact matrix can be edited. The x and y axes have organisations / groups / users on them, and the squares in between show their relationship.

  • The only type of relationship available is a bidirectional one, (the two parties both appear in each other's contact lists) and this is shown by a green arrow.
  • The clock icon shows a pending invitation that has been sent by a user. Administrators can set a request to pending again, but not delete this relationship.
  • Grey squares show relationships that cannot be set.
  • Red triangles show changes that have not yet been saved.

Checking the "Make all possible connections" box connects all the users represented in the matrix.

The "Only pending invitations" box hides everything except pending invitations when it is checked.

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